Another Texas Shooting


Lucas Alexander, Staff Writer

On September 2nd, in Texas, Seth Aaron Ator, 36, who lived in the Odessa area, opened fire at a traffic stop and then continued to drive by other cars and shoot at them. It started when Ator opened fire at a police officer randomly and then sped off while unloading bullets into cars around him. He injured 22 and killed 7 during the rampage.

Sources say that Ator was fired just hours before the shooting. Many doubt this was the real motive for his actions, though it is believed that it provoked him into actually going through with the shooting. The shooter lured people outside of their homes with the shooting and then proceeded to open fire at the people coming out of their homes. Ator used an AR-15-style assault rifle during the weekend shooting rampage, which began when he was stopped by police for failing to use a turn signal.

Federal law enforcement stated that he called the national tip line moments before the shooting. “It was, frankly, rambling statements about some of the atrocities that he felt that he had gone through,” FBI special agent Christopher Combs explained during a news conference in West Texas on Monday afternoon. Law enforcement also says that Ator didn’t make any threats or anything around that nature during the phone call either.