Ezekiel Elliott: The 90 Million Dollar Man


Mahle Gangi, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Ezekiel Elliott signed a 6 year extension of his contract with the Dallas Cowboys. The deal is for 90 million dollars with 50 million of it guaranteed, making Elliott the highest paid running back in the NFL. Before Zeke signed his contract, Todd Gurley held that title. The deal may seem bulletproof to outsiders, but it does come with certain expectations.

The contract is rumored to have a caveat that retracts the 50 million guarantee if Elliott gets suspended during the agreed-to six years. For most players, this would be challenging due to the somewhat routine steroid use in the industry. Elliott, on the other hand, has never faced a suspension due to drug use, but he has been suspended for suspected domestic violence. He received a six game suspension in 2017 for violating the league’s personal conduct policy when he was accused of domestic violence, though Elliott maintains his innocence in that matter. 

This contract extension came in the nick of time, as Zeke had chosen to sit out of training camps and practices until the deal was done. He spent the last several weeks in Cabo San Lucas, training and attempting to stay in “football shape.” Zeke is not expected to miss a beat; he’ll be lining up in the backfield come Sunday afternoon for Dallas.