Premeditated or Pure Coincidence


Caroline Carter, Staff Writer

If you know anything about the royal family, then you know how strange Princess Diana’s death seemed. It’s not surprising that someone may have had something to do with her death, considering the fact that Diana “tainted” the royal family’s public image. Some say the event was nothing more than an unfortunate turn of events, while others claim it was all planned. 

Diana was only eight years old when her parents got divorced, and her father, Edward John Spencer, gained sole custody. Six years later, Spencer inherited the title of Earl from his late father. They rented an estate owned by Queen Elizabeth II called Park House, but Diana spent most of her time in prestigious boarding schools. She moved back to London in 1978 where she became reacquainted with Charles, started working as a nanny, then took a job as a kindergarten teacher. Charles and Diana were wed on July 29, 1981, and they were granted the title of Prince and Princess of Wales. Diana was the first Englishwoman to marry an heir to the throne in over 300 years. Despite the fact that they had two sons, William and Harry, Charles and Diana’s marriage can be best described as problematic and unhappy due to adulterous affairs. The couple was separated in 1992, and their divorce was finalized in 1996. 

Princess Diana used her fame to raise awareness for issues that were important to her. In 1987, Diana famously shook the hand of a man diagnosed with AIDs without gloves, eliminating the notion that one could contract the disease through touch. Before this simple gesture, people were terrified due to misinformation about the disease. She sponsored many other organizations and charities to help the homeless, drug addicts, youth, and elderly. 

Diana’s relationship with the Egyptian filmmaker, Dodi Al-Fayed, made almost every headline. Everywhere they went, the couple was constantly hounded by paparazzi. On August 31, 1997, Diana and Al-Fayed had planned on having a private, romantic dinner at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, but the couple was forced to leave after ten minutes because too much of a disruption was caused by the press. They tried to go to Al-Fayed’s apartment, but they were bombarded by paparazzi, despite the numerous security precautions, including a decoy car. The couple and Diana’s bodyguard entered a Mercedes S-280, driven by Henri Paul. Paul sped through the small, narrow streets of central Paris, desperate to get the paparazzi off his trail, but the car crashed on the Pont d’Alma Bridge. Not even two miles away from the Ritz Hotel, Paul and Al-Fayed died at the scene. Diana was taken to a hospital, but several hours later, she died from the injuries she received in the crash.

Some believe Diana’s death was not an accident. Fingers were pointed at the French chauffeur, Henri Paul, because his blood tests showed that his alcohol levels were more than three times the legal limit in France. People then blamed the paparazzi for causing the crash to happen. Some claim the photographers wanted to cause a crash in order to get the best story. Others say they intentionally waited to call an ambulance, so they could get the best photos, resulting in Diana’s preventable death. The most popular theory, however, is that Diana was pregnant with Al-Fayed’s child. Since Al-Fayed was an Egyptian Muslim, the royal family feared that he could’ve potentially been step-father to an heir to the throne, so they plotted to kill Diana.

In the investigation of Princess Diana’s death, the jury found Paul and the paparazzi responsible for the crash due to gross negligence. The jury also ruled the deaths of Princess Diana and Al-Fayed to be unlawful killings. Since Paul was killed in the accident, no one was charged with the couple’s death. Many photographers were questioned, but they were released soon after.

Diana’s death was peculiar, without a doubt. Conspirators may lean towards one theory over another, but one thing they could all agree on is that her death seems fishy. If someone was responsible for Diana’s death, what did he/she have against her? Why would he/she arrange a car crash, and how did he/she keep his/her hands clean? Whether Princess Diana’s death was purposeful or not, her case is strange either way.


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