4 Back to School Tips To Better Prepare For The School Year

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4 Back to School Tips To Better Prepare For The School Year

Imani Githae, Staff Writer

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Here we go again! Say goodbye to late summer nights and say hello to groggy 6 a.m. mornings. Yes, it sucks. But rather than delay the inevitable, we can learn how to be prepared for yet another year of high school. 

The first step, make a schedule. Planning your first week back at school can help you tremendously! You can stay on top of your homework, your new schedule, and it will help you get back into your school year routine. Not to mention, when you plan your week you can significantly reduce your stress and anxiety levels. You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.

Set goals. This goes hand in hand with planning. Set goals for yourself early, that way you know what you want out of your classes and you can hold yourself accountable. However, don’t set unrealistic goals. We just came back from 2 and ½ months off of school; it’s going to take a while to get back into a good routine. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Befriend your teachers. This might seem odd, I mean how could you become friends with someone that gives you Algebra homework on the first week!? However, building a better relationship with your teacher can be rewarding,. from getting guidance in or out of the classroom to just being comfortable in your new class. 

Lastly, I cannot stress this enough. Do Not Procrastinate! Procrastination is one of the main causes of stress in high school. Survey of student populations suggest that 85%-95% procrastinate. There are many reasons as to why we shouldn’t procrastinate. We may be underestimating how difficult or time consuming the task is, something could come up, and no one is at their best when they are pressed for time. With proper planning and the right motivation, there should be no need to procrastinate.

To sum it all up, you may be dreading or eagerly awaiting this school year. If you set goals, make a schedule, befriend your teacher, and stay away from procrastination. Your school year will be off to a great start!

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