India Tightens its Hold on Kashmir


Bella Trimmer, Staff Writer

Kashmir has been a region of contention in eastern Asia since the late 1940’s since the partition of the Indian subcontinent, but now the dispute over the land has risen to a new level. On August 5th, India revoked article 370 of its constitution, which gave the region of Kashmir a special status and more autonomy than a standard Union Territory of the nation; the Indian government is now reorganizing Kashmir so that the central government has more control over its affairs. 

In the aftermath of this potentially disastrous decision, Kashmir is also facing a near complete communications blackout ordered by the Indian government; according to CNN, “India sent tens of thousands of additional troops into the state and cut off all internet and phone services.” The combination of the lack of communication technology and the rapid militarization of an already heavily militarized region could spell disaster if the world doesn’t keep a watchful eye.  Reports are already surfacing of journalists being restricted in their reporting of the event and of politicians being detained. 

This decision to exert more influence over the region has sparked questions of possible war with Pakistan, which also vies to control the valley.