Northgate Athletes Selected for Georgia Cheerleader of the Year

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Northgate Athletes Selected for Georgia Cheerleader of the Year

Brooke Jordan, Staff Writer

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The Georgia Cheerleading Coaches Association has put together a scholarship opportunity for all high school cheerleaders in the state of Georgia. The application process consists of the student athletes GPA, class rank, ACT/SAT scores, 2 letters of recommendation (can not be family members), 1 coaches recommendation letter, all clubs or activities, and a written essay. This year, there were over 140 cheerleaders that applied. The state of Georgia only accepts 40 athletes to the next level of the competition. Northgate athletes Brooke Jordan, Reese Sevigny, and Callie Frazier all advanced into the top 40. The next step of the contest is the interview and competition. The top 40 cheerleaders all compete and are interviewed at Columbus State University. 

Scoring Rubric Setup 

  • 25% application
  • 25% interview
  • 50% performance

At the end of the competition, the judges add up all of the scores and announce Georgia’s Cheerleader of the year top 16 All-state team. Out of the 3 Northgate student athletes in the competition, ALL THREE (Brooke Jordan, Reese Sevigny, and Callie Frazier) were chosen for the top 16 all-state team! The scores are all totaled, the winner is already known by judges, and only the runner up, and the 2019 Georgia Cheerleader of the Year will be announced at the Georgia State Championship in November. Down below is a link to the top 40 athletes that were put face to face in competition.

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