Crybaby Bridge


Lilly Kirk, Staff Writer

Our town is well known for its events throughout history. Newnan was first home to the Creek Indians, and later known as the hospital city after the Civil War Battle of Brown’s Mill. However, there may be more to the town’s history than meets the eye.

Several residents of Newnan claim to have experienced some sort of paranormal activity when crossing Cedar Creek Bridge (more widely known as “Crybaby Bridge”). In the 1930’s, a mother and her infant drove off the bridge to their deaths after speeding down what is now known as Roscoe Road. According to many citizens throughout the decades, the sounds of a woman screaming and a baby crying can be heard from the bridge. People have reported the appearance of a ghostly figure that can be seen wandering in the creek, who is said to be the lingering spirit of the mother, searching for her child. There have also been sounds of screams and a crying baby, which is where the bridge’s nickname originated.

Upon my investigation, however, I did not experience any of these mysterious happenings. Walking across the bridge, I noticed the creek was overgrown with brush, trees, hanging vines, and the water was so murky it looked like chocolate milk. I ventured past the guard rail, and was able to crawl under the bridge itself. Other than the occasional passing car, the area was eerily quiet. The only consistent sound came from the dragonflies skipping across the water. No ghosts. No screams. No cries.

In closing, Newnan’s Crybaby Bridge can be ruled out as simply another town myth to keep the gullible ones up at night.