YouTube Star Accidentally Uploads Video of Herself Hitting and Spitting on Dog


Olivia Harvey, Staff Writer

YouTube Star Brooke Houts has been denounced by her fans when she accidentally uploaded an alarming video, which shows her hitting, spitting, and yelling at her dog, Sphinx. 

The video was uploaded on Tuesday and has sparked an investigation with the Los Angeles Police Department. Houts tells her fans that she was trying to play a funny prank on her dog. However, it did not end up the way it played out in her head. When the dog jumps excitedly in the video, Houts growls undoubtedly angry and immediately starts to slap him. She continues to reprimand the dog by yelling “STOP!” and begins to pin him down to the ground. The dog is playfully trying to get back up, but she again pushes him to the ground. Houts then spits on him when he doesn’t cooperate the way she wants him to. 

The video has since been removed from her channel, but it was too late, it had already gone viral on social media. After deleting the video, Houts uploaded a more edited version of her footage, but took it down again as she immediately received backlash. She wrote an apology stating that she has a good relationship with her dog and that he was not hurt in any way, shape, or form by her actions. She loves Sphinx, and he is always by her side no matter what.