Teen’s Collapsed Lung Due to E-Cigarettes


Madison Fouty, Staff Writer

E-Cigarettes, more commonly known as vapes, have been increasing in  popularity among today’s teenagers. It is said that vapes can be used to quit smoking, yet if vaping becomes an everyday habit, you might consume more nicotine in a day than you would smoking. 

An 18 year old by the name Chance Ammirata has blamed his collapsed lungs on the excessive use of his vape. He was consuming around 10 cigarettes worth of nicotine every two days. 

He  was admitted to the hospital under the impression he was in pain from a muscle strain. Nonetheless, the issue of a collapsed lung immediately grabbed doctors’ attention. . 

Now that Chance Ammirata is in recovery, he is extremely determined to spread the dangers of vaping to teens like himself. He wants to make younger people realize that e-cigarettes are in no way, shape, or form healthier than smoking regular cigarettes. He also wants to warn others that the harm vaping can cause your body can be very similar to smoking. 

To spread his message, Chance has used Instagram as a platform to speak on the situation. In just a few days, his post went viral with hundreds of online influencers sharing his story to warn their audiences. 

He has decided to never pick up a vape in his life, and he hopes many others will not only encourage him, but join him as well.