Too Fat to Fly

Stephanie West, Staff Writer

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Australia is a land inhabited by many strange and unique animals. From gigantic spiders to snakes, there are all sorts of creatures indigenous to Australia. One such animal is the kookaburra, a small bird that lives all over the continent, similar to pigeons in the US. It’s a rather common bird that typically no one pays attention to. However, one smart little kookaburra lived in a park where people go to have picnics. It was very smart and gorged itself on all the sausages that either fell on the ground or were tossed to it. The average kookaburra weighs about half a pound, but by the time employees of the Taronga Zoo found it, this kookaburra weighed 1.2 lbs, 40% heavier than the average weight for a bird of its age and type.

Being so heavy meant that this kookaburra struggled to escape from wild dogs that tried to maul it to death. The kookaburra was found by a local in a park, and then brought to the zoo. At first they assumed that a broken wing was the reason it couldn’t fly away, but after close examination there was no sign of any fractures or breaks. It was then that the real reason it couldn’t fly emerged—the kookaburra was simply too fat to fly. The kookaburra was then taken to a rehabilitation aviary for a couple of weeks and put on a special diet. Working out three times a day with a personal trainer, the kookaburra has certainly lost a bit of weight but still has a little more weight to shed before it can be returned to its native habitat.

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