“City of Homes, Not Apartments”

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“City of Homes, Not Apartments”

Lauren Vanden Heuvel, Staff Writer

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“City of Homes, Not Apts” is a phrase on hundreds of yard signs throughout the city of Newnan. It’s nearly impossible to miss the ubiquitous yard signs when driving in historic downtown Newnan, which are stuck into the lawns of beautiful antebellum houses lining the streets. When diving further into this point of contention in the community, I found two sides to this issue: people for and people against the Caldwell Tank property.

The contention is over a parcel of land in historic downtown Newnan better known as Caldwell Tanks. The proposed apartments being built there are 3-4 story buildings with stacked parking garages. With all community changes, small or large, the disputes on the Caldwell Tanks land arose from the concerned citizens and the developers of the land.

“This project will impact all of us who own homes or businesses within the historic districts downtown as well as those who work, shop, eat, and drive nearby” says Lynn Chapman, a concerned citizen being affected by the homes. Chapman goes on to say that “Traffic, infrastructure, parking, and property values will all be affected.” These claims are all found in her petition, “Newnan City of Homes, NOT Apartments!” with 1,646 signatures already.

Although there are many factors that negatively affect historic downtown Newnan, the apartments do bring some positive factors back into the community. Recently, Newnan has been dealing with substantial amounts of brain drain, with college students attending the West Georgia Campus, then leaving after they graduate. With this new development in Newnan, Newnan can experience Brain Gain, as apartments generally attract younger, hard-working people.

Ultimately, the apartments will upset many people either way, with either loss of potential workers or decreased prices of homes around the area.




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