Dayton, Ohio Shooter Reportedly Had an Extreme Leftist Twitter


Mahle Gangi, Staff Writer

As recent as August 3, Connor Betts retweeted a tweet saying, “Millenials have a message for the Joe Biden generation: hurry up and die.” This was one of multiple posts detailing extreme leftist values, an anti-police stance, and tweets supporting Antifa (a protest movement in opposition to extreme right-wing ideology). Despite the abundance of political and opinion oriented posts on the Twitter account, police still have yet to find a clear motive for the shooter to commit such a horrific act of terrorism. 

Betts killed his sister and eight others, targeted seemingly at random. Similar to other domestic terrorists, Betts had easy access to automatic weapons and an expressed interest for murder and violence. His former classmates recall a hit list he formulated in high school that allegedly had an abundance of classmates lined up for him to sexually assault or kill. In addition to the list, Betts was a member of a “pornogrind” band that wrote lyrics describing appalling acts of violence. After searching his family house, authorities uncovered more writings that expressed a desire to murder people. None of these writings indicated that he was targeting a specific political or racial group, according to investigators.

Possibly the most disturbing and confusing discovery made by police in their valiant investigative efforts, Betts’ Twitter shows that he was liking tweets about the El Paso shooting that had a death toll of 22. One of the tweets he liked was in support of gun control, while others referred to the shooter as a white supremacist and a terrorist. From his account activity, it would appear he was sympathetic to the victims and families and was in opposition to automatic weapons, but just 13 hours later Betts committed his own act of heartless terrorism and took the lives of 9 people.