The Happiest Man in Baseball


Liz Daley, Staff Writer

In the realm of baseball, there is one man who sticks out above all others. He is said to not only smile the most when he plays, but has officially earned the title of the “Happiest Man in Baseball.” Anytime one sees Brandon Nimmo at the plate, his constant smile is difficult to miss.

Brandon Nimmo has been a star Mets’ player since 2016 when he was brought up from the minors. In previous seasons, Nimmo’s knack for getting on base through any means necessary helped the Mets through the horrific season they had during 2018. In fact, a portion of the runs they scored during the 2018 season were likely due to Nimmo’s aggressive strategy. According to the statistics posted by Baseball Reference, Nimmo was hit by pitches twenty-two times, setting him into motion to possibly hold the franchise record for the Mets concerning HBP. He was also walked eighty times during the 2018 season, making him one of the most frequent on-base players for that year.

Unfortunately, the 2019 season has not fared well for Nimmo. Already, he has reportedly suffered from a stiff neck and an oblique strain, going into quite the hitting slump in the process. However, the 2019 season has barely begun, being only twenty-four games in so far. There is a copious amount of time left for the well-known hitter to regain his previous status.

Even with his injuries, nothing has stopped Nimmo from returning to his position as an outfielder. Mainly, he plays in left field, but he will occasionally rotate with center-fielder Juan Lagares and right-fielder Michael Conforto in the Mets outfield. But, it is his ability to continue playing after having been out for several games that makes him one of the best players the Mets currently have.