Three Days Grace’s Blessing in Disguise


Lexi Hennig, Staff Writer

Three Days Grace is a rock band created in 1997. The original members consisted of Adam Gontier as lead vocal and guitarist, Neil Sanderson as drummer and background vocal, and Brad Walst as bassist. On January 9th, 2013, Gontier announced his sudden resignation from Three Days Grace. He claimed his reasons for leaving were health problems, putting the rest of the band in a tough situation right before the start of a major tour. Matt Walst, brother of lead bassist Brad Walst, and lead vocal for My Darkest Days, joined the band in an attempt to save the tour as the new lead vocalist.

The sudden loss of Gontier outraged many and caused tension between the band and several of its fans. However, for Three Days Grace this was a miracle in disguise! Still running strong with lead singer Matt Walst, Three Days Grace currently has a record of 15 No. 1 songs on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. The ratings for the band since the joining of Walst have only continued to grow. This year the band’s current tour is scheduled to last for over five months. They play across the globe,all the way from Germany to Georgia. August 15, Three Days Grace will have a concert in Atlanta. This is exciting for many fans because Atlanta was not put on the schedule during the last two tours!

The sudden loss of Adam Gontier in 2013 was a true blessing in disguise. Current lead singer Matt Walst has taken this group way further than most thought possible! This band is truly becoming one of the greatest.