Are High School Dress Codes Needed?

Are High School Dress Codes Needed?

Tiffany Harper, Staff Writer

High school is a difficult time for everyone. They are the years in which people begin to figure out who they are and who they wish to become. It’s very common for teens to experiment with their style in these years. However, there is ONE thing that is keeping students from wearing certain things while being on school property– Dress Codes. Are these rules unjust or are they justified?

The Basics.           

Throughout the years, there have been several cases in which both female and male students have had to speak up because they have felt like the dress code at their school is unjust and unfair. How are these dress codes impacting students? Several studies that have been conducted have proven that strict dress codes actually bring down self confidence. The punishments for students who break the dress code vary. Some punishments for breaking dress code have even caused parents to fight back and prove their child’s innocence.

What is a dress code?

We’ve all had to deal with them. If you have a job then it’s very likely that you have a dress code as well. Dress codes limit creativity and, in some cases, the comfort of a person. For example, in many high schools, wearing a top that exposes your shoulders isn’t allowed. With dress codes, such as this one, you would have to keep a jacket on or put on something that would keep your shoulders covered. Another popular dress code rule would be fingertip length clothing. This rule is a little more controversial. For people who have short arms, wearing something fingertip length would not be all that difficult. If you have long arms, however, following this rule may be a little more difficult.

A Possible Solution.

How can schools compromise so that everyone is satisfied? What could be done to insure students’ comfort, creativity, modesty, and focus are considered? Some schools simply don’t believe that a less strict dress code should exist. However, other schools that have compromised the dress code with their students have been shown to have a higher success rate in how the students feel about themselves. Should less strict dress codes exist or should the strict dress codes stay? Is there truly a solution?