Keeping Things Where They Are


Abby Glover, Staff Writer

Whenever we go to museums, it is common that you find things that are specific to a certain culture. We find these things interesting, but for some reason, a controversy has risen and some people from these cultures want their things back. I can understand why, but it is a bit selfish.  I believe we should keep these artifacts in museums because they stand for something more than just being an object in a glass case to museums. If we returned things to the rightful owners, we would have to travel to each nation to give them their things back and it’s not always appropriate to give these nations what they want all the time.  

Throughout history, hundreds of tribes, cliques, and countries have acquired precious items that they were proud to call their own. However, when museum professors find these artifacts, they risk their lives, time, and money, to protect the sacred, and priceless possessions and bring them back to the States, or wherever they live,  to care for them properly. If these nations want their things back, they shouldn’t have lost them in the first place.

Artifacts are always going to be a good thing to refer to in teaching history. Especially at museums and schools. How are professors, specialists, and scientists supposed to teach and enlighten people.You can’t go to a museum just to read something and not be able to see  the artifact with your own eyes. It’s just not right for countries to ask for so much. Sure, we get that it’s yours, but we know you have stuff that probably belongs to us too. You don’t see us belligerently asking for you to surrender something we know is safe and being well taken care of.