Stylishly Giving Back


Mia Fisher, Staff Writer

April 22nd is commonly known as Earth Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the Earth and all it has given us. All of the trees that produce the oxygen we breath, all of the water we drink to stay hydrated, and all of the sun shone on our skin, is celebrated on Earth Day. The date of April 22nd signifies the anniversary of the beginning of the modern environmental movement originating in 1970. On this day, every year, thousands of people participate in various activities to give back to the Earth.

From 1970 to now, multiple companies and industries are in a continuous cycle of competition to see who can create the most awareness for the special day. Some people create awareness by passing out brochures or just having protest. These techniques are sometimes seen as ineffective. Some businesses in the fashion industry took initiative by creating pieces of clothing that were sustainable. Sustainability means to keep the usage of natural resources down to a minimum in order to keep environmental balance. Some apparel companies such as Adidas and Nike used the approach of sustainability to create a sneaker that can be re-purposed into a new pair of shoes. Most companies use the sustainability approach, but other companies such as Athleta and North Face are closing their stores and or hosting a beach clean up.

Earth Day is recognized as a day to give back to the earth. To most people, every day should be seen as Earth Day. The concept of sustainability is brilliant and once adopted by everyone on the earth, will break boundaries. The companies that have adopted the approach of making their products more sustainable have inspired others to create a cleaner, greener earth.