Prosecutors Seeking the Death Penalty for Famous Rapper YNW Melly

Prosecutors Seeking the Death Penalty for Famous Rapper YNW Melly

Emma Trinh, Staff Writer

Jamell Demons, who goes by the stage name of YNW Melly, is possibly getting put on death row for the murder of his two best friends in Miramar, Florida. According to Broward State Attorney’s Office, the murder was premeditated, meaning, Demons planned the murder long before. They believe Demons murdered for financial gain. The attorney’s office also filed a notice of the intent to seek the death penalty. The notice filed also accuses Demons, who is 20, of being involved with a gang.

Co-defendant, Cortlen Henry, 20, told police that he was in the same car, driving with the victims that night. The victims have been identified as Anthony Williams, 21, and Christopher Thomas Jr., 19, from a recording studio where Demons recorded music in Fort Lauderdale.

While Henry got off Interstate 75 near Miramar Parkway, another vehicle pulled up near him. Henry reported that the car started shooting, hitting the bodies of the two victims, Williams and Thomas. It was reported by Henry that he later drove the two victims to Memorial Hospital in Miramar.

Investigators say the story is all a lie. Investigators believe that Demons was in the car with the two victims, when the shooting took place. The bullets were shot in the car first, then outside the car to make it seem like a a drive-by shooting took place. Although Henry did not fire the weapon used to kill, he was also charged for the murder of the two and also as an accessory.

Demons’ lawyer, Bradford Cohen, stated that the infamous rapper is not guilty. Demons is due in court next Tuesday for a status conference, before Broward Circuit Judge Andrew Siegel. It is yet unknown for sure if rapper YNW Melly will be sent for the death penalty, leaving Melly’s fan base on the edge of their seats.