Las Brujas de Brujería en México


Madison Fouty, Staff Writer

Many people view Brujería, or witchcraft, as an old woman brewing frogs and herbs in a giant cauldron to place curses on people. The literal witchcraft that is occurring in Mexico is not far from that idea. A bruja (witch) or shaman can alter what we perceive as reality while remaining in a sober state. This means our consciousness can shift while our physical being remains unaltered.

An experienced and wise shaman is able to lurk in the shadows of everyone’s conscious and our reality. They do this because it allows them to see a more in depth side of people – what a single person truly believes and values. This aids the shaman into knowing what a person must obtain in order to heal.

The culture of witchcraft is insanely popular in Mexico. There are toy shops that eventually develop into a mass of stores containing items that involve witchcraft. The shops are hidden, yet they are pretty well known.

The witchcraft of Mexico is not what everyone stereotypes it as. It is not all dealing with devils and demons. People value it more for the spiritual healing one can partake in. There are numerous documented experiences where people believe they have been completely healed and are in complete enlightenment. In a National Geographic video that explores Mexico’s witchcraft, it delves into Julio Garcia’s life. It shows her healing multiple people by using multiple herbs and spells.

So, contrary to popular belief, witchcraft is a form of healing through spells and it allows people to find true enlightenment within themselves. Not all witchcraft is devoted to the Devil, and people must be open minded before diving into this experience. It’s really just a unique form of going to the doctor.