The Pressure To Have “Perfect” Bodies

Faith Hedden, Staff Writer

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As females, there tends to be different standards for us compared to men. These standards have been around for centuries, but have become more apparent in recent days. With our generation being so heavily influenced by social media, it’s easy to get caught up in the lives of celebrities and the influence they have on appearance. How they look, where they live, and what they do can easily influence someone that looks up to them. Social media is a gateway for this. This can be a great thing, but it can also be detrimental when it comes to how people feel about themselves. Is there too much pressure on girls to be exactly like these celebrities? Is social media the cause for that?

Instagram  allows anyone and everyone to be able to see their favorite influencers or celebrities lives. It gives them a chance to witness what it’s like to live “the perfect life.” However, the word perfect is thrown around too often when describing girl’s bodies. People see this and set standards for how people should look and it’s a terrible thing. Sadly, this has greatly affected everyone, especially females. The Kardashians are huge social media influencers and showcase their bodies every chance they get. This puts a false perspective on what a female should look like. The other terrible thing about this is that the Kardashian family is known for their many plastic surgeries. However, since everyone praises them, many girls will get the same surgeries to look exactly like them. This is not a normal thing, everyone deserves to be themselves without having to worry about how society wants them to look.

The bottom line is that everyone is born differently. It is okay to have people to look up to, but we should not all want to look exactly like them. That would take away from our uniqueness. Society is extremely toxic, and we should all work to try and encourage body positivity for girls and guys so everyone feels comfortable in their own skin. It would make the world a much more positive place. We should all take the time to love ourselves and not try and change ourselves.

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