Childhood Obesity Rates


Josh Burks, Staff Writer

Obesity rates are rising among kids in the United States. This is a problem because it will likely trigger a multitude of problems in the future. One such problem is the growing lack of exercise and interest in exercise. The next problem is the lack of healthy diets within families. Fixing these problems alone will greatly reduce obesity rates.

The lack of exercise is mostly the fault of the families for obese kids. Parents and Guardians need to place a greater emphasis on regularly working out. Kids may not want to work out, or even hate to workout. However, just like vegetables, it will become habit or they may even enjoy it when they see the benefits. Even a regular workout schedule, will not greatly reduce obesity rates. The most important way to fight childhood obesity is to have a healthy diet.

Diet is the most important thing in reducing childhood obesity because even without working out, a healthy diet will cut kids obesity down by more than half. ¨You are what you eat¨ is not just a saying; we are literally composed of the food that we eat. If someone eats food that is not good for them, they won’t feel good, look good, breath well, have joint pain, or even be depressed. In reality everyone needs to improve their diet and exercise in order to greatly reduce childhood obesity rates.


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