2019’s State Art Show

Mia Fisher, Staff Writer

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Recently, a select few of Northgate High School’s Pottery’s I, II, and III students had the chance to compete in Georgia’s annual Ceramic Arts Show. Their names are: Alyssa Torres, Clara Roberts, Jade DeCaney, Joannah Strickland, Kerington Garrett, Lina Benson, Marissa Aguilar, Selma Borman, and Unnisa Suarez.

This year the Art Show was hosted at LaGrange college in LaGrange Georgia. These seniors joined the hundreds of students from all the different high schools in the state of Georgia for the chance at placement and a scholarship. Each of the ceramic pieces entered were absolutely stunning. They each had a unique twist. Some pieces were busts of various people, some were pots of different shapes and sizes, and some pieces were odd shapes that cannot even be described. Each piece was graded on those key aspects stated before, meaning their individuality. This year’s judges were Michael Schmidt, an associate Dean at Valdosta State University, and Mark Errol, a lecturer at Valdosta State University. These two men sat and pondered over the beautiful pieces submitted for weeks to come to the conclusion of placements. The two jurors decided to award 12 other people along with 1st through 4th place winners. These 12 people were awarded with an honorable mention. Northgate High School’s Unnisa Suarez was among those honorable mentions. The third place winner and one of the scholarship recipients was Selma Borman. Selma has been in love with art from an early age and it shows in her work.

The 2019 Georgia High School Ceramic Art Show was a success. It was a great experience for upcoming artist to get in contact with colleges and other artist interested in the same projects.