Nationwide Youth Climate Strike


Mahle Gangi, Staff Writer

On Friday, March 15, students nationwide began a strike in the name of climate change after recent news that we only have 11 years left before our world will be drastically affected by our use of nonrenewable resources (according to the October 2018 UN IPCC Report). The strike is intended to disrupt the social order and force leaders to acknowledge and prioritize the ways we can mend what is being done to our planet. The reason these students care is simple: their futures are at stake if the planet is at risk of being irreparably damaged in the next decade.

The demands of the students include the enactment of the Green New Deal (brainchild of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), a halt in fossil fuel infrastructure projects due to the dependence on nonrenewable energy that they inspire, all legislative action be rooted in scientific research, employing compulsory comprehensive education regarding climate change for grades K-8, the preservation of wildlife, keeping our water supply clean, and declaring a national emergency over climate change. Though their demands may seem extensive, the students also offered a laundry list of sensible solutions. They proposed the extraction of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere through reforestation and reducing food waste, emission standards and benchmarks, altering the agricultural industry to be more focused on plant-based farming rather than carbon-intensive, and using renewable energy and building renewable energy infrastructure.

It may seem that students are ahead of themselves and naive when it comes to considering the cost of the solutions to the problems of climate change, but maybe it is time to take the youth of the nation seriously. They are using their voices to project the devastating effects that are bound to happen due to our negligence in the foreseeable future. A price tag cannot and should not be placed on the preservation of Earth, our only habitable planet, and there is no better time to act than now. The sooner we make an effort to reverse the effects of climate change, the more successful we will be in our efforts. The war cry of students across our nation is true; “There is no Planet B.”