Why You Should Meditate


Madison Fouty, Staff Writer

Meditation is a very common practice that focuses on different breathing methods and requires a lot of focus. People do it for many different reasons — the most popular one being inner peace or enlightenment. People also do it for sleep, relaxation, to help anxiety, relieve stress, and many other problems.

Meditation takes about 5-20 minutes a day, even reaching up to an hour depending on what you choose to do. Yet, it is still a very quick and easy task you can manage to squeeze into your day if you have a busy schedule. So if you’re worried about not having enough time on your hands… there is no problem. You might even be worried you won’t remain motivated, which is why it helps to keep an open mind, stay positive, and at least try it.

Studies have shown that meditation has made people feel genuinely good. Some scientists have done experiments on humans using a special cap that analyzes brain waves. It is proven that meditation actually emits brain waves that lower the production of stress hormones and promote relaxation.

If you are interested in meditation, you might also want to look into yoga. It is one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise, and is proven one of the best ways to lose weight. Many people combine yoga and meditation to find inner peace throughout the whole body. If you do include yoga into your routine, it is best to do yoga early and then stretch and meditate later in the day.