Why Students Shouldn’t Hate Reading So Much


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Old books in a secondhand bookstore. Some of them are peeling.Good photo to be used as a background.

Liz Daley, Staff Writer

Reading is the enemy of many students during their high school career.  It’s downright embarrassing for a majority of students when you have to read in front of the class. The monotone voice, pausing at every other word, people laughing whenever you pronounce a word wrong are all real things that happen in a classroom. It makes students dread their literature classes, and makes high-schoolers too shy to volunteer to read in front of the class. The reason as to why students have such difficulty is simply because they don’t read enough.

Go around and ask a class of thirty students, and you might find two or three people who have read a book entirely in the past month. Those few people are usually the ones the class would classify as “nerds.” Those “nerds” however, are more likely to read better in front of the entire class than the “popular” students  or the quarterback on the football team.

When people read, it exercises their brain. It makes them use their imagination in a way that they couldn’t before. People learn new words and phrases through reading. It expands a person’s vocabulary and teaches them how to pronounce certain words. “Nerds” don’t struggle as much with reading in the classroom because they actually read.

If more people read, they wouldn’t be so shy when reading in front of others. People aren’t even required to read a lot. Just reading a chapter a day or even a few pages is enough to help people exercise their minds. I personally don’t believe people when they say they don’t have enough time for it. You can’t read five pages, yet your phone has an average screen time of nine hours? Clearly, people’s schedules are booked.

Ultimately, reading isn’t horrible like most students make it out to be. It’s a wonderful experience that people miss out on because of their ignorance towards it. Instead of hating it so much, people could do with a little more imagination and creativity that can only ever be found in the pages of a good book.