Will NFL Teams Loan Players to the AAF?


Olivia Harvey, Staff Writer

Alliance of American Football co-founder and head of football Bill Polian said Wednesday that there have been informal discussions about the possibility of NFL teams loaning younger NFL players to AAF teams in the future.

The idea would be for NFL teams to assign their third string quarterback and other players from the bottom half of their roster and developmental squads to achieve more playing time under high quality coaches. The AAF has several proven named coaches, including coaches such as, Steve Spurrier, Mike Singletary, Rick Neuheisel, and Mike Martz. This professional league is something similar to the young major league baseball players being sent down to a class AAA affiliate to gain a few more bats.

The AAF has generated excellent reviews this season, garnering favorable television ratings with an entertaining level of football. Polian didn’t contemplate whether an arrangement with the NFL could happen by the AAF’s second season. This kind of arrangement would go well with the AAF’s game plan for the league.