The Uprise of Ayahuasca

Madison Fouty, Staff Writer

Ayahuasca is an entheogenic brew that is used in traditional ceremonies among the indigenous tribes of Amazonia. The brew is made from leaf and vine concentrates. The leaves contain DMT which work synergistically with the MAOI content in the vines. This produces one of the strongest, most dangerous, and longest lasting hallucinogenic experiences. So if it doesn’t sound enjoyable nor healthy, why is it trending?

This “spiritual medicine” has been around for many years, yet it is just starting to be a hot topic. There are more and more Ayahuasca retreats popping up around America and many other countries. One of the main camps goes by Rythmia and can be found in Costa Rica. Many young adults have retreated here to “heal themselves spiritually.” This is because Rhythmia hosts a 4 day ayahuasca ceremony that, with every hallucinogenic trip, is supposed to uncover all your suppressed issues and heal them through, what they call, “Momma Ayahuasca.” Participants say a motherly figure guides guides them through the trip, hence the origin of its nickname.

Many people who have taken this journey have shared their experiences online. These people have said “Momma Ayahuasca” has brought up past traumas and helped them forgive, and that “she” has cured their depression and other mental issues. Some people even say that they have gone through surgery while under the influence and have woken up with their physical complication gone.

While there are some benefits, this is a very risky and dangerous medicine. There were few cases of death, but since the medicine is on the rise, the rate of death is as well. It is said that the medicine is so vigorous that it will overpoweringly bring up numerous past traumas at once, and if one is awake, they will die. This medicine also makes people vomit and have diarrhea, though they still believe it is a part of the process to heal through the form of purging. This is one of the most dangerous medicines out there, yet more people are attempting to be “healed.”