Changing the Game


Mia Fisher, Staff Writer

February 13-15, 2019, the whole state of Georgia was watching the floor of the Macon Centreplex for the most exciting event of the season. The floor of the Macon Centreplex held Georgia’s State wrestling tournament.

The Northgate girls wrestling team made history. Kennedy Eltz, Mia Fisher, Rachelle Hoffman, and Maddie Mans, were the first ever girl state qualifiers at Northgate High School.  Mia Fisher and Maddie Mans then went on and made history in Georgia for Northgate. Mia Fisher and Maddie Mans were Northgate High School’s first ever girl placers in state. State is the highest level of wrestling you can achieve, it’s the pinnacle of every wrestler’s high school career. This year girl’s wrestling team participated in Georgia’s first ever girl’s state.

The Georgia High School Association held the first ever Girl’s state wrestling tournament in the Macon Centreplex. Before this year, high school girls who wanted to compete in state had to compete against boys. This was the first year in Georgia girls could wrestle each other for a chance to place. This amazing experience was a gateway to all types of opportunities for the people that wrestle there. For example, there are scouts from a select few colleges looking for people such as those on the Northgate wrestling team.

All in all, the State Wrestling tournament was a huge success. At the end of the day, Mia Fisher and Maddie Mans both placed sixth, making history at Northgate, and even in the state of Georgia.