Understanding the Feminine Perspective

Understanding the Feminine Perspective

Liz Daley, Staff Writer

When people think of normal high school girls, they tend to imagine a very insecure mindset. Truth is, they aren’t entirely wrong. If schools asked their female population, few would have anything positive to say about themselves, simply because they do not believe that there are any.

Each and every day, students hear girls make horrendous statements in the hallways: “I’m fat,” we hear girls say, when she’s anything but. “I hate my thighs,” another might say, and it confuses people. Why are all these girls thinking so poorly of themselves? They have these images of themselves in their heads that are beyond ridiculous.

I understand that there is always that one body part that a girl hates or a body type she can’t stand having. As a female, there will always be something that you hate about yourself, but girls shouldn’t hate anything about themselves. No girl is perfect, and that is a concept mostly forgotten. We see female images that are presented as perfect and we start to wish we were them. These images we see of the “perfect” girl are a direct influence of social media.

We see models whose faces have been photoshopped to perfection, and we believe it. Girls buy into it more than people understand. A girl should be wearing makeup with confidence as a way to make them feel beautiful instead of using it as a way to hide insecurities. Social media influences us in a way that most girls don’t understand until they find themselves comparing their body to that of the staged pictures of other girls. We become jealous of these fake and staged pictures. Girls start saying, “Why can’t I look like that?” It takes root in our heads and begins to tell us lies. Social media causes dangerous thoughts such as, “I’m not pretty unless I have the greatest and latest products,” or, “Guys will never like a girl who doesn’t cover up her flaws.”

News flash, everyone has flaws. If a man doesn’t like a girl because she isn’t “beautiful” enough for him, then he doesn’t deserve a girl in the first place. All of this comes in the way of girls being able to love themselves just the way they are. Loving yourself is a hard aspect for girls to obtain, and it’s understandable. We’re practically trained at this point to hate ourselves in order to buy more beauty products, but what people should understand is that it’s not okay to hate yourself. Every girl and guy is perfect the way they are. There will never be another person who looks like you or thinks like you. Every human-being is born original. If only people could learn to own the way they are instead of comparing themselves to others, society might be a much better place.