Should Tests Dictate Students’ Futures?


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Standardized Test Form

Liz Daley, Staff Writer

Every student knows and dreads the time in their life when college seems to be fast approaching. Waiting to take the ACT or SAT can be one of the most nerve-wracking events one has to experience in their lifetime. It’s almost as much of a high-stress situation as taking an EOCT. These tests don’t just dictate whether you get into college or not, they also have the ability to dictate a student’s entire future. Where we go to college, what major we should choose, and scholarships are all on the line when a student takes either one of these tests.

Personally, I don’t believe tests such as these should play such a tremendous part in a student’s future. Why should a test, filled with some of the most difficult material we’ve learned in our high school career, control our lives? Not every student is an amazing test taker. Some people struggle with remembering things from middle school, and some are at a simple disadvantage, due to bad teachers and schooling.

With so many factors playing a role, why are all students tested the same way? A person who is musically inclined should never have to go through four hours of tests on different subjects that having nothing to do with their talents. A literature major shouldn’t have to go through an hour straight of math that they most likely will not use in their future career.

People’s minds all work differently. You can give one-hundred students the same test, and you would get different outcomes for every test. No person is the same, which is why no one’s future should depend on being tested the same as everyone else. Where one person thrives, another may struggle.

In the long-run, these tests tell us next to nothing about a person. Simply because a person fails the science section on the ACT, doesn’t mean they won’t make it if that’s the field they wish to go into. Many people aren’t good at taking tests, and whatever score you get doesn’t define you. There is always a way to get around tests like these, but we shouldn’t have to. One day, perhaps people’s views will change on these tests, but for now, they unfortunately are the biggest deciding factor in the nation’s student population.