The Importance of Foreign Language

The Importance of Foreign Language

Liz Daley, Staff Writer

Foreign language is the course students possibly despise the most during their high school careers. Most students can barely make it in their own language of English, let alone Spanish or French. To learn a whole new language is one of the hardest things to do in school, and a majority of students would argue that it’s useless. But, foreign language might be the most important subject we learn in school after all.

The reason as to why, is something students don’t think about when they take these courses. With more and more people coming from foreign countries, learning a new language is now becoming a necessity. Even if someone knows the basics of a language, it’s enough to communicate with a foreign speaker.

Another benefit of knowing a foreign language, companies today are more likely to hire you if you have learned a foreign language. They look for people who have the ability to communicate with people who aren’t able to speak English. And, some jobs today now require their workers to know a specific language, depending on the area one lives in.

As someone who has taken four years of a foreign language, students don’t understand how fun learning a new language can be. You’re not just learning the language, but you’re learning about the culture, the people, the way others live their lives. It’s exposure to the world around us that many seem to be ignorant of.

Although many students would call foreign language a lost cause, there’s an enormous need for it in our everyday lives. The world is changing and becoming more diverse with every passing day. By learning a new language, students can change along with it.