Why It Doesn’t Really Matter If You Didn’t Watch Super Bowl LIII


Mahle Gangi, Staff Writer

Out of all 53 Super Bowls American families have gathered around their TVs to watch, last Sunday’s was by far the worst. Not only was it the lowest scoring Super Bowl game in history, but it also showed a significant drop in viewers. This was the lowest turnout seen since 2008, with only 100 million people watching. While that is still a great number, 2018 had a viewership of 105 million.

What caused this dramatic drop in viewers? For one, this is the fourth Super Bowl the Patriots have played in five years. Out of those four, they have won 3. This predictability is losing the interest of NFL fans nationwide, and rightfully so. An aspect of the Super Bowl that makes it appealing is that two equally worthy teams are invited to play against each other, but we all know that has not been the case as of recent.

Super Bowl LIII was the most boring Super Bowl Americans have ever seen. One of the most notable plays of the night was a punt. A punt. Besides that, the halftime show was also uneventful and one of the least talked about on social media in years. Arguably the most memorable thing from SB LIII was Adam Levine’s tank top for closely resembling some people’s drapes and throw pillows. If that doesn’t make a point of how awful this was, then what will?

This devastating national spectacle was dull and embarrassing. The Patriots won AGAIN, Tom Brady received his sixth Super Bowl ring, Pepsi had a moderately controversial ad saying it was just as good as Coca Cola, and Adam Levine performed “This Love” for the millionth time. Maybe things will brighten up next year, but until then: If you didn’t watch this one, you didn’t miss out.