Kennedy Eltz: Bringing Honor to Northgate

Mia Fisher, Staff Writer

Kennedy Eltz is a current senior with a mindset and lifestyle that could change the world. The idea of honor has always been prevalent in Kennedy’s life. Honor anchors and drives her to obtain all of the goals she sets her mind to, whether the goal be in school or the various activities she participates in.

In Kennedy’s life, honor plays a role in the the sports she is affiliated with. In Taekwondo, honor is used to kept the participant humble and courteous of those around them. Kennedy has been training in taekwondo for six years. Taekwondo is the art of physical fighting, but it teaches more than that. It teaches discipline and leadership. I asked Kennedy where her athletic drive came from and she responded, by saying,“ I was able to see the valuable, moral lessons my training taught me that had nothing to do with kicks, forms or strikes; but instead,[ it was] about perseverance, commitment and goals.” Kennedy has learned so much from Taekwondo and she utilizes those lessons in her everyday life.

Honor also plays a key role in Kennedy’s character. Taekwondo trains one in the art of honor and forces one to follow its principles in everyday life. When asked about how taekwondo shaped her character, Kennedy responded by saying, “My desire to develop my character stems from my years training in Taekwondo. Throughout my journey, I have learned many valuable skills and lessons such as leadership, time-management, and perseverance.” This skill of leadership aids her in the academic life at Northgate. Kennedy has a 4.0 and is 13th in the senior class. Kennedy also is president of the Junior Beta Club here at Northgate High School.

Kennedy Eltz uses the concept of honor derived from Taekwondo in her everyday life, in school, homelife, and even in the martial art itself.