Jalen Hurts Announces He is Moving on from his Alabama Team.


Olivia Harvey, Staff Writer

Alabama quarterback, Jalen Hurts announced that he made the decision to transfer to Oklahoma. “I’ve decided to bring my talents to Oklahoma, where I will continue my development as both a student and a player. I’m a Bama for life, and that will never change!” Hurts said in an article for Players Tribune.

Hurts earned his college degree back in December, which will allow him to play for Oklahoma the following season as a graduate transfer. Hurts will have at least one year of eligibility remaining, after playing three seasons for the Crimson Tide.

Hurts was a two-year starter for Alabama, leading his team to a 26-2 record. Hurts immediately grabbed the offense in his first season and became a key to the teams amazing season, as a 4-star recruit. He was named the “SEC Offensive Player of the Year” with a total of 36 touchdowns and 2,780 passing yards, as well as 954 rushing yards. The Alabama quarterback finished his career for Alabama with 48 passing touchdowns and 23 rushing touchdowns.

Jalen Hurts has remained an ideal member of the Alabama team, while showing maturity that others wouldn’t have been able to reciprocate. He is a different type of player than the most recent players who were better in the passing games of 2018. Hurts is more than capable of putting up big numbers in the upcoming 2019 season. Hurts will now go on and get his chance to hopefully return to the spotlight as a starter on his new team, the Oklahoma Sooners.