Decrease in Vandalism at Northgate

Madison Fouty, Staff Writer

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Last year, Northgate‘s locker rooms and restrooms had broken toilet seats, obscenities written on the walls and lockers, and were devoured by toilet paper students had thrown everywhere. This year, the school’s locker rooms have remained in good condition along with the restrooms. But everyone knows you can’t make a student respectful if they don’t want to be, or change their behavior out of nowhere, so how did the school fix this problem?

Vandalism at NGHS escalated to a level that school leaders were obligated to take action. They had made the decision to lock the gym restrooms and locker rooms unless in use. This did have some repercussions, though. Currently, the health teacher must have one restroom break during class and remain with students. This has caused the actual teaching time he was allowed to decrease. In addition to this, the gym teacher may only allow students in the locker rooms when it is the accurate changing times. So, if students must use the restroom outside of changing times, he has to unlock the restroom door. This doesn’t allow him to view his class the entire time to make sure class behavior expectations are being met.

While there are some negative effects, the school has benefited greatly. The school has cut their costs on vandalism, maintained a better environment for students, and has also taught students some discipline. The school had to repair multiple broken toilet seats, sinks pulled from the wall, and lockers drawn on. This year, the school has yet to repair any toilet seats or sinks. And although some students may not like these rules, it has taught them to be more respectful.

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