Get To Know Your Girl’s Wrestling Team


Mia Fisher, Staff Writer

2018 was a year of new discoveries and new beginnings. Last year held the beginning of Northgate High School’s first ever all girls wrestling team. There have always been girls on the boy’s wrestling team, but this was the first ever team exclusively for girls. Typically in America, or anywhere for that matter, wrestling has been sport dominated by males. So when Northgate posted a rolling interest ad for a girl’s wrestling team, it changed the game… literally.

Wrestling, like any sport, is the art of strength, technique, and balance. However, in some ways wrestling is more than that. Wrestling takes humility, self control, and pride. The girls on the NGHS’s wrestling team are an exemplary example of these key principles. Their names are Kennedy Eltz, Mia Fisher, Rachelle Hoffman, Maddie Manns, and Alina Patino.

Kennedy Eltz is currently a senior who has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout her school career and plans on going into the naval academy after high school. Right after practice everyday Kennedy, goes to taekwondo where she is a third degree black belt. Mia Fisher is the next team member. Mia is a senior who wants nothing but to go to state. Mia loves fashion and plans on attending SCAD in the fall. The next team member is Rachelle Hoffman, who also is a senior. Rachelle has a passion for dance and helping others. After high school Rachelle has aspirations of attending Brigham Young University. Maddie Manns is the next team member who is currently a sophomore. She loves football and plans on attending Clemson University. Maddie finds joy in helping others and has a passion for wrestling. The last team member is Alina Patino. Alina is a junior who has maintained stellar grades throughout high school. She plans on attending Mercer University. Everyday after practice, Alina goes with her parents and helps out in their business.

These are the team members on Northgate High School’s first ever all girls wrestling team. The team is going to state and plans on bringing home gold. They look forward to making history in Northgate High School. Let’s go Lady Vikings!