Man Charged with Burglary for Taking a Nap

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Man Charged with Burglary for Taking a Nap

Lucas Alexander, Staff Writer

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A man is facing second degree burglary charges for reportedly breaking into a lawyer’s office in Sharpsburg to take a nap.

The name of the perpetrator is Casey Joseph Barr, age 33, and a native of Florida.   

The lawyer contacted police when he went behind his desk to sit down and start his day of work,
when he then noticed a man curled up on his floor asleep.  

When Coweta County Police arrived, Barr was still asleep behind the desk. When he was questioned about what happened and how he got there, he simply responded calmly and confidently, “some lady told me I could take my nap here, I can’t remember her name I’m sorry, but the only reason I did this is because I couldn’t remember how the lady told me to get in.”

Officials say they searched the property and found a bike that Casey confirmed was his and is what he rode to the office. They found what was believed to be several methamphetamine pipes. They also found a bag of tools by a window that Casey confirmed to be his. After a mild and precise investigation, Coweta Police advanced to say they think that Casey had been under the influence of a lot of methamphetamine for quite some time and had experienced two of its common side effects that occur in most non-prescribed methamphetamine users. Officials say he showed the side effects of insomnia (severe lack of sleep), which explains why he was asleep in the office in the first place. The other side effect police said he showed was hallucination and or changes in vision. So as their final statement they proposed that Casey was tired due to the insomnia and hallucination, which explains why he saw the woman that told him he could sleep in the office, and the tools show how he “disarmed” (smashed) the low security alarm with a tool from the tool bag, and then proceeded to take his nap.

Casey has been arrested and has public documentation for crimes between the ages of 26 and 33. His first reported public documentation of a crime was in Sarcosta, FL with the charge of trespassing: failed to leave the property upon order. His most recent crime before Sharpsburg was in Sarasota, FL, where he was once again charged with narcotic equip-possess: and or use, and a charge of  damaging property and criminal mischief, which is the charge that violated his probation at that time.

Casey is being detained at Coweta County Jail since second degree burglary is a felony, and  is waiting for a court hearing with a bond of $2,000. Casey has not asked for an attorney yet.

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