Thanksgiving Staple


Stephanie West, Staff Writer

For 63 years, the green bean casserole has been a staple on the American Thanksgiving table. In October of this year, the creator of the casserole, Dorcas Reilly, died at the age of 92. She had Alzheimer’s disease. Reilly was known to joke that the first time she presented the dish to the tasters at Campbell’s, that it did not receive the highest rating. However she kept at it, and thanks to her determination we now have the popular dish.

Recently a newspaper company did some digging into her recipe and found out that a Railroad Company near where she lived, when she first invented the dish, served a dish very similar to Reilly’s. When they inquired about the coincidence, Campbell refused to respond. However, when they made both dishes and compared them, there was such a difference in quality that there was no way Reilly could have copied the Railroad Company.