The Age of Sensitivity

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Credit: plainpicture/Kniel Synnatzschke; Maximum size: 60,1 MB; Model Release: Yes; Property Release: No

Caroline Carter, Staff Writer

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We have had the right to speak freely since 1791, and advancements in technology have allowed us to voice our opinions to the public. While we are free to have our own opinions, many forget the validity of others’ opinions. Some tend to get offended by a simple difference in opinions. So how did this happen?

Many point fingers at social media platforms, for they allow everyone to share how every detail of life affects them. In some instances, people tend to worry about their hurt feelings, and they are unprepared for the harsh reality. It is also believed that the notion of participation awards lead to a more sensitive mindset. Joanna Williams, a higher education program director at the University of Kent, reports “When young people arrive at university, they may be physically adult but they are not as adult–mentally and emotionally–as previous generations were.” It is difficult to pinpoint one cause when sensitivity has a myriad of factors.

Williams suggests that the safe spaces in schools came from a lack of maturity among students. Sensitivity rooted in trauma is understandable, but a simple misunderstanding or poor choice in wording can show the delicacy of emotions. Generally speaking, our generation is very sheltered; parents try to protect their children from the evil in this world. Our parents mean well, but this approach doesn’t prepare us for the brutality of reality.

By no means should we feel inferior or be told to simply “toughen up,” but we should be more mindful of what we put out there. We should try to fully understand a situation before acting irrationally or feeling offended. Our actions speak louder than words do, and the way we react to certain circumstances says a lot about who we are.




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