Classified Cure


Caroline Carter, Staff Writer

Many people have questions about the government. Why does it take so long to disclose information? What are they hiding? Is a cure for cancer being withheld from the public? You’ve probably heard this conspiracy before, for it has been floating about the minds of skeptics for years. This theory is referred to as “The Big Pharma Conspiracy.”

The Big Pharma Conspiracy advocates the idea that the government is suppressing a natural cure for cancer or withholding a cure altogether. Why would pharmaceutical companies wish to do this? The answer is simple – profit. Companies earn a large income by treating, even fundraising, a disease, so by not curing the chronically ill, they can keep money in their pockets. The origin of this theory is credited to the distrust of science. Cancer is a terrifying thing no one wishes to encounter, so an alternate explanation for the disease was created.

There is very little evidence supporting this theory. There is no one cure for cancer because there are many different types, as well as causes, of cancer. In terms of treating cancer, cured means the tumor is no longer present and has no chance of returning. The likelihood of a cure is dependent upon many factors, including the type of cancer, how early the cancer is discovered, how much the tumor has spread, age, and health. Unfortunately for many, treatment is the only available route. Because some patients’ tumors have spread so quickly or found late, a cure is highly unlikely; treatments can dull the symptoms caused by tumors and allow patients to live months, possibly years, longer than those who do not seek treatment. To a patient, hearing the word remission is amazing news. There are two types of remission: complete and partial. Complete remission means the cancer has gone away after treatment, and there is no sign of it. However, this also means cancerous cells may still inhabit the body, and the doctors are unable to see them. Partial remission means the cancer has shrunk, but it is not gone.

While the Big Pharma Conspiracy is interesting, to say the least, it is nothing more than a figment of the imagination. Yes, pharmacists earn a high income, but it is safe to say that they would not want to withhold a cure, if one existed. As wonderful as it would be, there will most likely never be one cure for cancer. The stage, size, location, and movement of the tumor affect the likelihood of a cure. Oncologists and other specialists are constantly working towards better treatments for cancer, but for now, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are the safest and most widely used methods of treatment.



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