Top 3 Upcoming Fall Anime: It Gets Better and Better

Gwenyth Cook, Staff Writer

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Even though fall has just begun, this season’s line-up of anime shows promise. The critically acclaimed Sword Art Online is back with more adventures and new faces. Golden Kamuy also returns, and is even funnier than before. The new sports anime, Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru, or Running With the Wind starts off nice and slow. Of course there are many more fantastic anime airing this season, but these three are most anticipated.

Sword Art Online: Alicization

The world renowned Sword Art Online makes a comeback this fall with its spinoff story Alicization. Kirito dives into another virtual fantasy world, this time into a civilization where there are taboo rules strictly enforced. There he meets a boy named Eugeo, who is supposed to be an NPC, or non-playable character, but shows far too much human emotion. Kirito realizes he still has his memories from the real world and that something is off. As he ventures into the new world and learns their ways, he discovers that the village isn’t as nice as it seems.

Golden Kamuy Season 2

Geno Studio produced a great first season for the comedic Golden Kamuy. The story continues with Immortal Sugimoto and his companions on their quest to find the hidden treasure of gold. As they search, they encounter kind people who just happen to be assassins. Not to mention, each episode gets a little crazier than the last. Golden Kamuy is pure gold.

Running With the Wind

Production I.G. Studios, the creators of the praised volleyball anime Haikyuu!!, have developed yet another masterpiece. Running With the Wind follows first year college student, Kakeru, who was an elite track prodigy in high school. While searching for a place to dorm for the semester, he is approached by a college senior who offers him free room and board. However, the catch is that he has to run on the track team and race in the Hakone Ekiden Marathon, a race many fail to qualify for. The anime shows promise and gives light to what life is like for an elite athlete.

Overall, fall is turning out to be a cool season for anime!

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