2018-19 Homecoming King and Queen


Kirsten Brown, Staff Writer

Homecoming week is one of the most exciting weeks of the school year. Every year, one senior female and one senior male is crowned as the King and Queen, who will represent the school for the entire school year. This year, the homecoming king was Jake Carson, and the homecoming queen was Emma Robertson. This was exciting because they are the first couple to be voted as King and Queen in Northgate history! I asked them both the same questions about their experience.

“How did it feel to be voted King/Queen by your peers?” Jake replied, “It was shocking and amazing at the same time. I could hardly believe what was happening, but also so honored to be voted this by my school. It was sick.” Emma’s response was, “It was a moment of absolute shock! I felt nothing but honor and thankfulness for the school I am apart of.”

“Did you expect to be Homecoming King/Queen?” Jake told me, “Not at all. It was a total surprise to me, it was kind of like, wow, they really said my name. Totally crazy.” Emma agreed, “No not at all. I was on court with such amazing girls, all who are absolutely deserving of this title and more. It was definitely a surprise.”

“Do you have anything you want to say to the students that voted for you?” Jake immediately said, “Thank you so much, it was a total honor and I love being a part of this school and what it represents.” Emma’s reply was also super genuine, “Thank you more than you know. I do not take this position lightly! I am so excited to have this opportunity, and to use this to get to know more of you Vikings! Y’all all rock.”

Congratulations to Emma Robertson and Jake Carson, the 2018-19 Homecoming Queen and King!