Local Hurricane Florence Relief Efforts


Stephanie West, Staff Writer

A little under a month ago, Hurricane Florence rocked the Carolinas, leaving 50 people dead, and many more missing. Florence spanned 400 miles, which is the size of four Ohio’s, and forced 1.5+ million people to evacuate their homes, not to mention Florence caused 30 billion dollars in damage. People that stayed in and around the affected areas were left without power and access to more supplies for days.

A sense of unity across the nation arose from the disaster that was Florence. People from all over the country were doing what they could to help the people affected by Florence. One of those people was a local resident, Pam Sprang.

Pam Sprang is a local nurse who flies for fun. She and her husband own a Cessna Skylane and they store it at the local airport, The Newnan Coweta County Airport. She belongs to a global women’s pilot organization called the 99’s. [FUN FACT: the 99’s were first started in the 1920’s and was named that because at the first meeting there were 99 members attending. At that meeting they voted Amelia Earhart as their president.]

The 99’s were approached by Cajun Airlift via email, to see if any of their members would be willing to help out with the relief effort that Cajun Airlift was organizing. From that email the 99’s sent it out to all of their members that were within reasonable distance. One such member was Mrs. Sprang. She immediately accepted, figuring that it would be a good reason for her to practice her flying and she would be able to help some people out.

Mrs. Sprang flew out from the Newnan Coweta County Airport at 7:00 in the morning Eastern Time to Auburn, AL, where she was to pick up supplies to bring to the next drop off point. She landed in Auburn and loaded up her plane with supplies such as air mattresses, pillows, blankets, first aid kits, diapers, peanut butter, wipes, etc. From Auburn she then flew to Daniel Field, Augusta. From there the supplies would be taken on the next leg by another person. She told me that she thought that the next guy who was taking the supplies was flying to South Carolina. She also seems to think that all the supplies she picked up were locally donated.

You can do your part to help those affected by Hurricane Florence here: https://www.redcross.org/donate/hurricane-florence-donations.html/