Dress Code Violation at the U.S. Open


Stephanie West, Staff Writer

On a sweltering hot day in New York at the U.S. Open, Alize Cornet was given a code violation by the Umpire for turning around her shirt. She had just come back from a ten minute break that women are allotted during the tournament due to the unexpectedly high temperatures, when she realized that her top was on backwards. So she faced away from the onlooking crowd and swapped her top back to the right direction. Nothing was exposed to the crowd and the most that anyone, or any camera for that matter, saw was the back of her sports bra.

The moment the press caught wind of the penalty given to Cornet, the Women’s Tennis Association distanced themselves from the ruling. They claimed that they did not support that decision and that it was very unfair.  They started that male players were allowed to change shirts, and even all out remove their shirts on court and that was acceptable, and yet Cornet was given a penalty for switching her shirt around. However, it was brought to light that part of the reasoning for the call on Cornet was because men are not allowed to take a ten minute break off court like the women do.

The next day the U.S. Open released a statement saying that they also did not support the ruling made by the umpire. They said that they had clarified the wording of the rules and that they assured the people that such an event was sexist and would not happen again.