Why go to college?

Elijah Barrow, Staff Writer

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Most students nearing the end of their high school careers can’t stomach the idea of voluntarily signing up for more education, and paying for it too. While it seems as though college is a waste of time and money, college is essential for a multitude of reasons.

The main reason you should go to college is for the benefits. While many majors can seem very exclusive, the social experience you get from attending college is a major benefit on its own. Let’s say you just graduated college with a degree in marine biology, five years down the road, you may not have any interest in marine biology at all. But you spent that time in college gaining the social experience of being in a “real world” setting. You learn communication skills and how to interact more efficiently. If you had skipped college, you would have to work a boring, bland, and probably low-paying job for years, unable to climb up the ranks, due to your lack of experience and knowledge.

College can be very expensive, and that’s probably the biggest reason not to go. However, this investment is often worth the effort. The potential a college graduate has, in terms of salary, is vastly superior. It should be no surprise that someone who studies a subject for a few years will make more money working in that field than someone who skips out on the college experience and works any job they can get.

Being a senior myself, I see the reasoning as to why people would rather skip out on college. In my experience, I would label myself as one of the laziest people I know, so the idea of no more school sounds great. However, I am still adamant in my belief that college is a better option, because it’s a place to go to build social skills, and to raise your financial potential later in life.

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