QAnon: Review of Q Based off of Q Followers Knowledge


Stephanie West, Staff Writer

Who is Q, according to QAnon followers?

Q is a small group of people who are very close to the President, who seek to let the American people know the ‘truth.’

The history of Q.

Q originally was various people that would claim to be Q, on 4chan, post for a couple of days and then never be heard from again. Then one day the identity was claimed by someone who held onto it for much longer. Q stuck around for multiple months gaining popularity by the post. Q then upgraded to 8chan and had their own board dedicated to just Q.

Messages from Q.

The content of the messages from Q is greatly varied, but all rather strange. One member claimed that Q had told them that the media came into their minds at 4am and controlled their thoughts. Another claimed that Q had told them to, ‘follow the white rabbit,’ and then the next day, Easter, President Trump was shown on TV standing next to a white rabbit. So then they believed that Q was trying to tell them to follow President Trump.

All in all, this group has gathered quite the following. Whether the members actually believe Q or are just entertained by the absurdity of some of the messages, there are many who check in to 8chan every day to see if Q has posted anything new.