Area 51

Area 51

Caroline Carter, Staff Writer

Many conspiracy theories have centered around the confidential government facility named Area 51, which is located in the windswept deserts of Nevada. Since 1947, American citizens have claimed to be in the presence of alien activity. Henceforth, many movies and theories have been made about aliens, their technology, their whereabouts, and supernatural occurrences in general. What if I told you the tinfoil hat wearing theorists weren’t too far from the truth?

Most conspiracy theories are based on the incident in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, in which a farmer, William Brazel, discovered plastic, silvery scraps and metallic rods on his farm. Brazel contacted the police, who contacted the military, who toted away the unknown debris in armed trucks. An article featuring the event was retracted the following day; the new statement claimed the sighting was nothing more than a damaged U.S. Air Force air balloon. This replacement article did not stop the theorists from asking questions. According to theories, the government wished to harness the alien technology to control and weaponize the weather, teleport, and time travel. A bit far fetched, right?

The debris found in Roswell was, in fact, a part of a government cover up; however, it had nothing to do with aliens. In a 231 page report, which was released almost 50 years after the debris was discovered, the Air Force claimed they were using high-altitude balloons in an attempt to identify Soviet nuclear tests. The space surrounding Area 51 has been used for testing experimental aircraft during the Cold War; this only fed the imagination of those who believe the truth has yet to be found. While this information has slipped from the firm grasp of the government, we are still left to ponder the unknown. Do aliens really exist? Do those inside the mysterious grounds know? Why did the government wait so long to disclose this information? What is Area 51 being used for now?




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