The Josef Martinez


Ashfiq Islam, Staff Writer

Twenty-six goals in twenty-four games is a pretty amazing accomplishment for Josef Martinez. The Atlanta United striker has 44 goals in the 2 seasons he has played in MLS, breaking the record for the most goals in two seasons. He’s set to break another one to, score one more goal, and Martinez equals the most goals in an MLS season. At this rate, Martinez is ready to shatter that record. Atlanta United as a whole has 50 goals. Martinez has scored almost half their goals.

No one else is even close to Martinez’s record this season. The closest is the highly praised Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has only a mere 15 compared to Josef’s 26. Here you can find a list of all the top scorers. The Venezuelan Powerhouse has already broken the hat trick record with 6 of them spanning across the two seasons he’s played in MLS. His 26 goals has already broken last year’s record of 24 goals from Chicago’s Nemanja Nikolic.

Thanks to Martinez’s accomplishments, Atlanta United are in first place with 4 points to spare. Second are the NY Red Bulls who are tied with NYCFC. Atlanta’s next game is on the 15th, which gives them a chance to extend their lead even further and gives Martinez an opportunity to destroy the MLS top scorer record.