Prom Preparation

Prom Preparation

Sarah Hogg, Staff Writer

Prom: the most important night of anyone’s high school years. What could possibly be more magical than a room overflowing with overdressed, hormonal teenagers? Combine that with the overpriced bus and meal, and the sweet aroma of body odor, you get a night you will never forget.

One cannot simply prepare for prom weeks before; preparations need to begin at least six months before the big night. The first month of preparation should consist of dieting and working out, because who wants to look fat in their dress? A girl’s prom dress is the most important dress she will ever wear (second to her wedding dress), so she should start dress shopping four months before the actual prom. Prom will last three hours, so the perfect dress is imperative. The price tag should not be the reason a girl cannot get her dream dress for her dream night, so if the dress is astronomically priced (as it likely will be), do not fret! Loans can always be taken out for it! Three months before prom, dinner and bus/ limo reservations must be made. If you do not eat at the most expensive restaurant, or arrive in the most glamorous vehicle, you are bound to have a terrible time. The more expensive, the better the experience!  

If you do not have a date for prom, what is the point of even going? Prom is like a practice wedding, so having a date that is marriage material is critical. Couples at prom get to go through all the motions of an actual wedding: the promposal, the excitement for the big night, the fights about color coordination and flower choices, and the girl stressing about the boy not stressing!

The morning of prom should be a breeze. Girls should already have their spray tans, teeth whitened, nails manicured, eyebrows waxed, stomach flat, and boutonniere bought. All they have to do now is wake up before sunrise to get their hair and makeup done, get dressed, and cry a little. After a relaxing morning of preparation, they are ready for the night they have waited for all their life.

All the preparation will finally pay off at prom. As you are standing there in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by three-hundred of your closest, sweatiest friends, you will be thankful for all the time and energy spent into preparing. Prom is truly the most wonderful night.