A Guide to Reading

A Guide to Reading

Liz Daley, Staff Writer

Reading for pleasure seems to be a foreign concept to today’s generation. Most younger people might ask, “What is reading?” Yes, I know people don’t read as much as they text their friends back on their newest iPhone, but reading is slowly becoming extinct. The problem is, most people couldn’t care less about it. Since the use of iPhones has increased, people have become less and less connected with the world of literature.

 As a teenager who loves reading, the negative comments I experience when I tell others I like reading are usually along the lines of, “God, how could you like that?” or “Don’t you ever get bored from it?” The truth is, no, reading is not as boring of a subject as many people believe it to be. Reading is a way people can experience using their imagination to create other worlds and use the lessons learned from a book in their own lives.

 Reading isn’t for everyone, of course, and some people simply can’t stand to read more than a paragraph at a time. However, just because you dislike reading doesn’t mean you can’t learn to tolerate it or even come to love it. In fact, many times the only reason why people hate reading is because they haven’t found the genre that may interest them. Not everyone enjoys reading biographies, and not everyone enjoys reading about fantasy worlds. Sometimes, all it takes is finding the right kind of book to fall in love with reading.

 Writing styles and authors are a key part in finding a book you may enjoy reading. Some people would enjoy a more bulky kind of book that is full of information, while others would rather read a book that spends a little more time on the important aspects instead of the little details. Authors may also come into play a bit because their characters are essentially embodiments of themselves. An author’s personality will tend to bleed through into their characters, and it isn’t necessarily always a good thing. Characters are important to a story, and if a reader tends to find such characters bothersome and annoying, it may discourage them from reading further.

 Genres are important to the process of finding a good book to read as well. There are many out there that people enjoy. Whether it be Fantasy, Non-Fiction, or Poetry, there is always that one favorite. Reading a variety of books allows people to discover what sort of reading they’re into, but that requires work, and in this generation, who has time for that anyway?

 Well, to be honest, acquiring books is much easier than people think. There are many apps which allow you to find a variety of books, and some offer audio books for those who would rather listen to a book instead of reading one. You can read books from your phone, yet people still choose not to.

I guess as an avid reader, I won’t understand how people can hate reading. Maybe one day people will read more, although I find it highly unlikely with the use of technology becoming more and more each day. If you put in the time and effort to look for a book, you may just find that reading isn’t as bad as society paints it.